Invent For the Planet

Innovative Challenge Program (USAID, UTYCC, Texas A & M University) is inviting students to YCC Invent. YCC Invent is a 48 hours Intensive Design Experience offered at the UTYCC. The format of the experience is to engage 50 students and multidiscipline/ multilevel teams in hands on project that will push their innovation, creativity, and communication skill. Each event will have a specific theme and will be designed and collaboration with industry and faculty.
The end goal is to provide students the opportunity to acquire skills essential to becoming successful innovation leaders and support them and founding startup companies.


  • The students have to resolve the problems according to the need statements in their environment.
  • The students must participate across the whole pilot
    • 1st weekend: Low technology, focus on designing paper prototypes (paper, tape, cardboard, glue)
    • 2nd weekend: Introducing technology, using resources to build
    • 3rd weekend: Thinking about business need- making sure your solution addresses the problem (community/ stakeholder mapping)
  • The top five teams of the whole pilot must participate the Invent for the Planet that will held in February 16 - 18, 2018.


1st weekend : January 13-14, 2018
2nd weekend : January 27-28, 2018
3rd weekend : February 3-4, 2018
Invent for the Planet : February 16-18, 2018

Entry to the Invent
Each student should report their information to their departments by January 9, 2018. If there is more than 50 participants, they have to compete by answering the questions of need statements in their environment and the program will select the top 50 participants. The program will announce the participants of the Invent in January 10, 2018. The participants have to register on the registration desk in the evening of January 12.

1st prize : 300000 MMK
2nd prize : 200000 MMK
3rd prize : 100000 MMK

Contact Persons

Dr. Phyu Phyu Tar : 09 4500 59055
Dr. Cho Thet Paing : 09 4025 80552
Dr. Naw Naw : 09 2561 77896